The Top Occupations For Remote Work in 2021

If you're a remote worker, I'm sure you've asked yourself the question: "What are the top occupations for remote work in 2021?"

Well, this blog post is going to answer that question. You'll find information on which occupations have the most job openings and how much they pay.

It also includes links to resources related to remote work so that you can start your own business or advance your current one remotely.

Remote work is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people, and the number of jobs that can be done remotely is growing every year.

The following are some occupations with a high demand for remote workers in 2021:

  1. Computer Programmers - Computer programmers also have the ability to work remotely by coding via email or through cloud computing platforms like GitHub
  2. Writers & Editors - Writers and editors can use online collaboration platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox so they have easy access to documents whenever they're needed no matter where they might be sitting when inspiration strikes
  3. Copywriters, Content Writers - Content and copywriters usually work remotely for years and still produce quality content for their clients.
  4. Technical Support Specialists - Technical support specialists are a vital part of any company's IT department. Working remotely offers them the flexibility to get their work done without having to regularly commute
  5. Project Managers - Project managers need access to team members, project goals, and other information about ongoing projects in order to be successful with remote working. Communication tools like Skype or Slack make it possible for these professionals to stay connected while being able to focus on tasks at hand
  6. Advertising Sales Agents - Advertising sales agents may also find that telecommuting is a good way for them because
  7. Web Designers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers - all designers will more than likely work remotely in order to design a website (or any other product) that caters to the needs of their clients.
  8. Architects much like designers, architects can often do their work from any place, without a mandatory need to meet each other in physical office
  9. Virtual Assistants - Virtual assistants will have more autonomy than ever before so they'll often perform tasks such as scheduling meetings or booking flights.
  10. Accountants - Accountants work behind the scenes to ensure that people's finances are accurate. Often, they'll communicate with clients over email or phone so being able to do most of their work remotely will be a huge advantage for them in 2021. They may also have other responsibilities such as presenting information and creating reports which can all be done using technology where previously this would require physical presence at an office.
  11. Community Managers - Community managers are often responsible for customer service, so they'll need to be readily available in order to respond quickly via email or through apps like Facebook Messenger.
  12. Search Engine Optimizers - The world of SEO is moving towards more organic approaches such as backlinks and keyword research rather than manipulation techniques that Google usually penalizes brands with. Having the subject of work itself to be online, it’s pretty normal that SEOs can work from everywhere, regardless office space or not.
  13. Bloggers (and Vloggers) - Bloggers have the ability to reach a wider audience because they're able to publish blog posts anywhere at any time; it's no longer necessary just to post on WordPress blogs anymore!
  14. Sales Managers - Remote sales managers are needed to oversee all aspects of their company's sales process from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  15. Account Managers - You'll need to communicate and coordinate between vendors and clients as well as generate leads from potential customers which makes account management one of the best remote jobs in 2020.
  16. Data Analysts - As artificial intelligence becomes smarter every day, data analysts will have increasing amounts of information available to them which means they'll be able to produce even better analytics than before.
  17. Digital Marketing Specialists - You may be a digital marketing specialist if you're in charge of things like social media strategy, SEO, and paid advertising. You'll need to work with clients to determine what their target audience is which means you'll spend the majority of your time researching different platforms that are best for them.

If you're considering a career change, this list may be helpful to know what jobs will still have opportunities available and allow you to do your job from home. The future is bright! Do any of these careers sound like an opportunity that would suit your skills? Let us know if we can answer any other questions as well!