Me, as a freelancer. Story, problems and final success

Ever wondered how a freelancer is born?

I believe my writing career began in infant age, when I used to write short and very dramatic poems about autumn, New Years Eve and butterflies. When I was asked in a television show what I would like to do when I grow up, I gave the following answer:
- I would like very much to become a singer, but I have no gift. In the movie Mistral’s daughter, Mistral addresses his daughter Fauve with the words: Dear Fauve, you might not want to become a painter, but you are a painter. You have got talent. You have no choice. Therefore I believe I have to choose such a profession, that I have talent for.
I was six.

27 years later, in a talk with an enlightened friend of mine:
- I will become a freelancer, if I am lucky.
- Luck, my dear, is needed by mere mortals. You, on the other hand have been touched by Me and you have the power of creation to create luck as well.

What a Freelancer Does In High School

What happened in between those two moments was that I read voraciously, and I was unthinkably influenced by other people’s writing style. In high school, after hundreds of books, mostly fairy tales, I had manufactured a model of writing essays. Here is my secret: I used to open a book of quotes called: “The Wisdom of Ages” and I used to collect the best quotes on the subject, and then I managed to link them and to base my writing around them. This came with the inconvenient feeling that I have no meaningful thought of my own. But I had moments, when I read my works to my classmates and they were so silent, one could have heard a needle hitting the floor. I felt really appreciated.

A Freelancer Crying Her Wares

Nowadays I still read quotes before I write, but mostly for inspiration. Words have begun to flow beautifully. Since I want to get a job for which I am really talented, I decided to give freelancing a shot. First I decided to advertise myself on Google Plus, and created a very sweet page about what I would do for a certain amount of dollars. I placed a picture of my snow-white sleepy kitten as a cover and started presenting my amateur art activities.

More Than Just Writing: Motion Pictures

I started with proposing slideshow making, since it has been my hobby for years. I have over 200 of them slideshows. I gave publicity to one of them, dedicated to curvy girls.

“You look like ancient Goddesses” I coax the ‘big girls.” I make them realize, that female beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and it just so occurs, that they have more beauty. It’s a really tender apotheosis of fat ladies. Besides slideshow making, I offer my potential customers to make a video lesson on an inspiring topic, or subtopic: from Kama Sutra to Ayurveda, from Self-Help to Management: I can always come up with an unique product. I prepared the Google Plus page a while ago and I still have only one follower, who is more an admirer than a customer. However, I was firmly decided that I am going to sell my creativity.

Freelancing Sites

There are a number of sites where people are looking for freelancers, and I had experience with most of them. was tricky. There I found a lady who proposed to me the price of 2.5 dollars per 500 words of smooth thought. Having never received a better proposition, I was happy and started working like an ox. She kept sending me article titles like: camouflage rings and horse blankets, I wrote exceptionally good articles on them, and when I earned 25 dollars, she magically disappeared. It is a tendency in these sites that older members distribute their work among fresh members and pay pennies for that and they never give you reputation. Skip on if your wish is not to compete with writers ready to write for cents. So I explored all online opportunities and was very disappointed.

Freelancing Forums

Then a blessed friend of mine gave me a link to a website – a forum of entrepreneurs. It has been pure pleasure to rub shoulders with its members. I found good and surprisingly regular remote jobs. I got really good recommendations and very positive feedback. People celebrated me and voted for me. I worked on dozens of subjects, even though that I didn’t have any expertise on most of them. One of the very hard texts was about sandwich panels (a term in construction). I downloaded some materials on construction, and I started crying, because I couldn’t understand anything. I was ready to give up on the job. But I decided to give it a try, and wrote one of my most beautiful articles, straight from my heart, about sandwich panels. You should never give up in your strive for perfection.

Do you love me, now that I can write?

It turned out that I can write satisfactory about: Vintage Cars, Art Facts, Christmas, Carpet Cleaning, Barcelona, Original Paintings, Jewelry, Gifts, Travel, Hotels and Interior Design, Nail Polishers, Erotic Stories, Dating, Casinos, Women’s Health and Construction. This time however, I have original thoughts, I am inventive, and working is pure delight. So it was possible to ask customers for some decent rewards. I am now swimming in the sea with quality freelancers, doing a stimulating job and getting good money.
More gigs and a personal blog

My latest experiment with freelancing was to present myself in
One can’t be too serious about Fiverr: it’s eccentric to sell something for five dollars. Well, as Mother Theresa put it: We can’t do great things, but we can do small things with great love. So I created some gigs with great love and you can see them here:

But to see my thought really dancing you should visit my blog, The Lady’s Emotional Encyclopedia:

As Maya Angelou put it: There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
Therefore my next artistic attempt will be the writing of a bestseller. I am really glad that I have freelance experience, and it has been a significant part of my development as a writer. All of you who have an inclination will find options for self-expression and money earning, as the Internet needs bloggers of all kinds. Warm wishes to my fellow freelancers, now you have been touched by Me and can create unique writing yourself. :)